Corporate Apparel

apparelCorporate apparel has become one of the most popular elements of promotional programs. High visibility and usefulness are the main reasons for such high demand. As you can imagine, the increased popularity of golf in the business world has helped the surge of wearables among corporations. Jackets, shirts, sweaters and caps with corporate logos are clearly visible on courses. With a trend moving toward a more relaxed dress code for employees, companies have implemented "Corporate Casual" or "Dress Down" days, hoping to improve morale and productivity. This has helped build the demand for quality imprinted wearables, which are usually sought after by employees and customers alike.

corporate apparel uses

  • Reward employees upon completion of a project
  • Provide a uniformed look at trade shows
  • Give to valued customers as a meeting gift
  • Reward sales achievement
  • Enliven a company outing
  • Outfit company teams and participants in sporting events
  • Present desirable holiday gifts
  • Appreciate and recognize long-term employees
  • Acknowledge referrals

There are so many variables when choosing apparel items. Within each apparel category (jackets, shirts, hats, shorts, robes, etc.) there are multiple styles. Shirts, for example, can be sub-divided into golf shirts, t-shirts, button-downs, etc. When you finally decide on a style that suits your needs, consider the quality and fabric of the garment. Would you prefer a brand-name garment? Think about the colors you will use. Most companies coordinate their colors with corporate logo colors. Where will you place your logo on the piece? What sizes should you order? Have you considered men's vs. women's styles?

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