Sports Tournaments

Many corporations find sports tournaments a great way to generate camaraderie among employees, good will among customers and networking among associates. Of all the sporting events held, the most popular by far is golf. We have helped many of our customers get on course when it comes to golf promotions.

When planning your golf event (or any other sporting event), you should begin to set your plan one year in advance. The main reason for this is to ensure that you have reserved the necessary facilities. The following timeline will help guide you through the intricacies of planning a golf tournament:

golf tournament time line - 1 year

  • Determine purpose of tournament
  • Choose date and venue
  • Draft sponsorship solicitation letter
  • Schedule planning dates and locations
  • Organize tournament committee
  • Contact host professional

golf tournament time line - nine months

  • Assign tournament committee duties
  • Assemble potential sponsorship list
  • Mail sponsorship letters
  • Determine tournament format
  • Select Par 3 games and other contests

golf tournament time line -six months

divot tool
  • Develop tournament invitation
  • Make sponsor follow-up calls
  • Develop prize budget
  • Determine prizes
  • Develop tee gift budget
  • Collect sponsor logos

golf tournament time line - three months

golf items
  • Mail tournament invitations
  • Order prizes and all awards
  • Order tee signs
  • Order bag tees
  • Order awards
  • Select and order tee gifts and apparel
  • Obtain info on sponsor goodie bags
  • Begin sending press releases

golf tournament time line - one month

  • Continue sending press releases
  • Begin assembling pairings
  • Confirm photographer
  • Confirm pro shop assistance
  • Discuss menu with caterer
  • Designate awards presenter

golf tournament time line - one week

prizes and gifts
  • Organize and assemble all prizes and gifts
  • Confirm final attendance with caterer and golf professional
  • Confirm registration, carts and scoring
  • Develop sign-in sheets
  • Assemble final pairings
  • Assemble all volunteers for final briefings
  • Create final agenda

golf tournament time line - tournament day

  • Host registration table
  • Verify carts and final pairings
  • Distribute goodie bags and tee gifts
  • Arrange tee signs and banners
  • Set up Par 3 games and contests
  • Arrange display table for prizes
  • Pray for good weather!

have a great game!

As the popularity of golf in the corporate world increases, the number of golf-related promotional products available increases as well. When planning your next event there are the obvious items like apparel, caps, towels, repair tools and other golf related accessories. But don’t forget the importance of giving “non golf “ merchandise such as portfolios, clocks, crystal, lip balm or sunscreen. Most importantly, give something unique and different. Your tournament sponsors and all participants deserve the best.

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